Tokyo Crew Health Seminar 2017


The seminar was recently organised by the UK Club Japan branch. Members and brokers joined other interested parties to learn more about the UK Club work and analysis on Crew Health topics.A gathering of over 80 attendees participated in the two hour long seminar.  Attendees heard presentations on Crew Claims from Senior Claims Director Tony Nicholson.  Crew Health Programme Director Sophia Bullard also presented an introduction of the Crew Health scheme and detailed the Club initiatives on tackling potential mental health issues onboard.Feedback collected during the evening and via participation questionnaires indicate it was a successful and informative event enjoyed by all. The UK P&I Club was the first to launch a crew health scheme in 1996.  Over the last 21 years the Crew Health Programme has become one of the club's leading loss prevention initiatives.  The team works closely with industry experts, charities and members to reduce the volume and value of crew illness claims.  For additional information on the Crew Health Programme please contact Sophia Bullard - Crew Health Programme Director -

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