1149 - 05/18 - Singapore Port: Control of smoke emissions by vessels in port


The Maritime and Port authority of Singapore (MPA) has released a port circular regarding the control of smoke emissions by vessels in Port.

Ship's Master and Owners have been reminded regarding the serious view MPA takes on such dark smoke emissions and they have been urged to take all precautions against emitting soot, ash, or dark smoke from Engine exhausts and ancillaries throughout the duration of port stay.

While drawing the attention towards regulation, MPA said that failure to comply may lead to conviction in court and a fine up to 5000 dollars.

In the appendix to the circular, MPA has identified Main Engines, Generators and Boilers on a vessel as the source of dark smoke emissions. Various mitigation methods including good maintenance and operational practices to prevent dark smoke emission has been detailed. Crew's role, vigilant practices along with frequent physical checks of the funnel smoke has been highlighted as important criteria in minimizing the possibilities of dark smoke emission.

Members can find the entire Marine Circular on the

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