1150 - 05/18 - Mandatory adoption of mass flow metering system for distillates delivery in the Port of Singapore

Members may recollect a previous bulletin by the Club, which covered developments in bunkering in Singapore. The Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) had mandated that all Marine Fuel oil delivery in Singapore after the date of 01 January 2017 was to take place with the use of Mass Flow metering (MFM) system.

The MPA has now released another Port Marine Circular in which it has advised that with effect from 01 July 2019, all distillates being delivered by bunkering tankers in Singapore will also need to be done through MFM systems.

As per the circular, the distillates have been defined as fuel which includes Marine Gas Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil, and Ultra Low Sulphur Oil that meets the 0.5% sulphur requirements.

Members wanting more details of the regulations may refer the port marine circular at the MPA Website


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