Navigation Speed Limit and Restrictions under Heavy Weather for Vessels Sailing within Xiamen Sea Area

The UK Club have received the following update from Huatai, regarding a notice on navigation speed limits and restrictions under heavy weather for vessels sailing within the Xiamen Sea area.


Xiamen Marine Traffic Safety Regulation" has come into force on 01 March, 2018, Article 8 of which stipulated that the maritime administration department shall take traffic control measures at specific sea areas during specific period in the event of heavy weather. And it was stipulated in Article 9 that vessels shall navigate at safe speed according to the prevailing circumstance and condition when sailing within Xiamen sea area.

In line with the above stipulations, Xiamen MSA issued notice on Navigation speed limit and Navigation restrictions under heavy weather for vessels sailing within Xiamen sea area to interpret the detailed requirement. The notice has come into effect as of 01 March 2018.


Members can read the full circular. (Attached)


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