North China's record low temperatures and icy sea ask for special caution during navigation

The UK P&I Club have received the following circular from local correspondents Huatai, regarding record low temperatures in North China and icy sea conditions.


North China is experiencing record low temperatures due to cold climates, especially in recent 2 weeks. Icy sea condition also poses threat to vessels' safe navigation in this area. We have received a number of queries and concerns in this respect. As such, we have collected the following information from the key ports in Liaodong Bay, China (from Dalian to Huludao, Panjin, Bayuquan, Jinzhou and Dandong) for your kind reference. General SituationThe ice season of Liaodong Bay is from around December 15th every year to March 15th of the next year, with late January and early February being the most severe period. According to ice condition and sea temperature forecast published by National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center, from 27 Jan. 2018 to 2 Feb. 2018, the max floating ice area is 65-75nm; general thickness of ice is 10-20cm and max thickness of ice is around 35cm.



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