Circular 14/95: Annual General Meeting


Dear Sirs,


At the Annual General Meeting held in Bermuda on 23rd October, 1995, the Report and Accounts as audited and certified for the period ended 20th February, 1995 were adopted by the Meeting.

The retiring Directors offering themselves for re-election were all re-elected. In addition, the following persons were also elected to the Board:

Mr Chen Zhong Biao China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co.
Mr J.P. Ioannidis Springfield Shipping Co.
Mr L.A. Joaquin Bermuda resident
Mr R.L. Paniguian BP Shipping Limited
Mr P.D. Skinner Shell Trading and Shipping Limited
Mr S. Temporin Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Limited
Mr M.E. Warren Princess Cruises

The meeting approved the proposed increases in remuneration of Directors and passed the resolution set out in the agenda.

The proposed amendments to the Rules and Bye-Laws were approved and the resolution as set out in the agenda was passed by the Meeting. The amendments will take effect from noon G.M.T. on 20th February, 1996.

Messrs Moore Stephens & Butterfield were appointed as the Association's auditors.

At the Directors' meeting following the Annual General Meeting, Mr M.A. Kulukundis retired from the office of Chairman and Mr N.-G. Palmgren was unanimously elected to succeed him as Chairman and President of the Association. Messrs A.G. Kairis and H. Winter were unanimously elected Deputy Chairmen and Vice-Presidents.

Yours faithfully,THOS. R. MILLER & SON (BERMUDA)

Staff Author


Source UK P&I