Circular 8/95: Canada - Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans


Dear Sirs,


Our circular of April, 1 995, (ref 5/95) advised that every oil tanker of 1 50 GJ and above and every other ship of 400 GT and above entering Canadian waters must carry on board a Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) in accordance with the provisions of MARPOL 73/78.

Further Canadian regulations in respect of oil pollution prevention will come into force in stages.

As of 31 July, 1995, all ships will need to carry on board in addition to the SOPEP a simple declaration stating the name and address of the oil pollution liability insurer (UK P AND I CLUB) and identifying the person authorised to implement the SOPEP on the basis of a 24 hour availability. This individual can be the ship's master.

As from 15 August, 1995, two further requirements on response organisations will come into force. These will require that all ships also carry on board documentary evidence of an arrangement with a certified response organisation and a statement identifying the individual authorised to implement the arrangement with the response organisation. However, no response organisations have yet been certified by the Canadian authorities pending publication of lists of fees in the Canada Gazette along with notices of successful certifications. This procedure could take many weeks and, in practice, shipowners will not be required to comply with these two requirements until the response organisations have been officially certified.

The major Canadian response organisations are: Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (Burrard Clean) covering the British Columbian coastline, Eastern Canada Marine Response Corporation covering the Canadian east coast and Great Lakes Response Corporation covering the area of the Great Lakes. The terms of the contracts for these organisations are presently under discussion but as yet they do not conform to the International Group guidelines.

Members will be advised of further developments and, in the meantime, the Managers will be pleased to answer any queries.

Yours faithfully,


Staff Author