Circular /96: CLC Certificates (Sent to Tanker Members Only)


Dear Sirs


In our circular dated 29 December 1995, we advised that the 1992 Protocol to the International Convention on Civil Liability of Oil Pollution Damage 1969 (1992 CLC) would enter into force on 30 May 1996. We also advised that ships registered in 1969 CLC states do not need a 1992 CLC certificate to enter or leave a port or terminal in the territorial sea of a 1992 CLC state since the existing 1969 CLC certificate would be adequate to trade to 1992 CLC states for as long as those 1992 CLC states remain parties to the 1969 CLC as well.

Japan is an exception to this principle, since under Japanese domestic law a 1992 CLC certificate is still required for any tanker entering Japanese ports after 30 May 1996 even if the ship already has an existing valid 1969 CLC certificate on board.

As a result, all ships trading to Japan after 30 May which do not have a valid 1992 CLC certificate should obtain such a certificate from the Ministry of Transport of Japan. The Ministry of Transport will require an application form together with: (i) evidence of insurance in the form of a current certificate of entry in the Association; (ii) a copy of the ship's certificate of registry; (iii) a copy of the international tonnage certificate; (iv) a copy of a valid 1969 CLC Certificate; (v) an appropriate form of proxy if the applicant is not the registered owner; and (vi) the appropriate fee of Yen 10,800 per ship which should be paid in revenue stamps.

The Ministry of Transport will not accept applications by mail, so the appointment of a process agent is necessary.

Members owning or operating tankers intending to trade to Japan after 30 May 1996 which do not already have a valid 1992 CLC certificate should therefore apply for a Japanese 1992 CLC certificate, following these procedures. The Association's Japan Branch can assist Members in obtaining the necessary application form.

The address of the UK Club's Japan Branch is:

UK P&I Club (Japan Branch),
Jimbo-cho TS Building,
8th Floor,
2-7-3 Kanda Jimbo-cho,
Tokyo 101,

Tel: (00 813) 3259 1341, fax: (00 813) 3259 1343.

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