Circular 23/99: Year 2000 - Contact Arrangements for the Millennium Weekend

TO THE MEMBERS Year 2000 - Contact Arrangements for the Millennium Weekend

Correspondents will have special instructions to ensure that everything possible is done to help you, even if there are areas of the world in which communications difficulties arise. Members are therefore recommended to forward a copy of this circular to each entered ship.

Office numbers and out-of-hours numbers for all correspondents can be found in the List of Correspondents/Rule Book. An internet version of the List of Correspondents, updated regularly, is available to all registered users of the UK Club website. Selected updates to the List are also shown on the last page of this circular.

In the event that you need to contact the Managers or the Association's Branch offices over the millennium weekend, please contact the duty claims handlers, identified in this circular, for the office or area group with whom you usually communicate. The Association provides a 24 hour service, worldwide, every day of the year. Over Christmas, details of duty claims handlers can be obtained by calling the main office numbers or duty mobiles shown in the List of Correspondents.

Members of the Association who are also entered in the UK Defence Club should note that the same contact arrangements apply for FDD claims.

In the event that you experience difficulties in communicating with any of the regions listed in this circular, please try other offices listed - all duty executives will do whatever they can to assist you.

Yours faithfully



London office +44 171 283 4646

Sunderland office +44 191 516 0937

Office Hours

25 - 28/12 office closed

29 - 30/12 office open

31/12 - 03/01 office closed

04/01 normal office hours resume. In the event that you experience serious difficulty in reaching our office numbers on that day, please call a duty executive as listed below.

All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the systems used by the Association will properly process and use dates beyond 31 December, 1999. The systems in our offices have been tested successfully and satisfactory responses have also been received from suppliers of critical services. Further tests will be conducted over the millennium weekend to verify that all is operating correctly. If you need assistance in dealing with a claims incident during this period, you should in the first instance contact the Association's local correspondent nearest to the place of the incident. Dear Sirs,

Staff Author