Circular: Claims and Underwriting correspondence by e-mail

Claims and Underwriting correspondence by e-mail

The Club has been using e-mail internally since 1987 but in the past two years we have seen a huge increase in the use of external e-mail via the internet and other proprietary systems. We now believe that e-mail is sufficiently reliable for us to encourage our Members, correspondents and others with whom we communicate to take advantage of its low cost, speed and convenience.

Although one of e-mail's great benefits is the convenience of desk-to-desk messaging, in order for e-mail to be used safely and to ensure, in particular, that your messages to us do not languish unseen in an individual's mailbox while he/she is out of the office, we have put a 'TeamMail' system in place in our London and Sunderland offices. In all other offices it is the individual's and management's responsibility to ensure that incoming e-mails are monitored regularly and are acknowledged as soon as possible.

1. For our London and Sunderland area groups and for our Underwriting Department, your e-mail should be addressed, not to the individual's e-mail address, but to his/her Team Mailbox. These are listed below, but the structure of each Team Mailbox will be eg.

2. In the body text of your e-mail, please include the same addressee and reference information as you would in a fax. Where you know the case handler's name and file reference, please use this (as well as your own) in addition to the full file heading.

3. In order to provide you with greater certainty that your message has been received, our Team Mailboxes will generate an automatic acknowledgement as soon as your message reaches the mailbox. At that point, the message will have been passed on to the individual addressee or someone who will deal with it.

4. Our internal procedures require us to use our Team Mailboxes when responding to your e-mails on case files.

When communicating with any member of the Club's staff apart from the London and Sunderland Area Groups and Underwriting, the individual's personal e-mail address can be used. This is typically first name.last

. A full list of e-mail addresses for all staff is given in the Club's List of Correspondents, in Making Contact and on the Club website at


Miller's internal e-mail standard is for messages to take no longer than 10 minutes to reach any Miller addressee anywhere in the world. Messages sent via the internet may however occasionally take some hours to reach us. Please therefore also check your mailbox for messages from your system administrator in case your message has "bounced". The usual reason for this is that the message was wrongly addressed in some small particular; only messages exactly addressed will get through.

As a consequence, please do not use e-mail (or e-mail alone) for very urgent or important messages. Apart from the vagaries of the internet, it is also just possible that the relevant part of our system might be down for maintenance or repair.

Attachments to e-mails should if possible be Microsoft Office 97 or Lotus SmartSuite 97 compatible. Other applications may not be viewable on our systems. Photographs should be sent in JPEG or GIF compression format. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, or suggestions for their improvement, please e-mail our e-mail administrator,


Yours faithfully

Herry Lawford

Thomas Miller P&I Ltd

Service Director

London and Sunderland Team Mail addresses:

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Sunderland 2 S2

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London 3 L3

London 4 L4

London 5 L5

London 6 L6

London 7 L7

London 8 L8

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