Circular 3/01: New compulsory insurance requirements in Australian waters


Dear Sirs


Members should be aware that new Compulsory Insurance requirements for non tank vessels have come into force in Australia. Details are available at the website of the AMSA -

From 6th April 2001 ships of 400gt or more (excluding tankers covered by CLC Certificates) will be required to carry a "relevant insurance certificate" containing the following information:

a) the name of the ship

b) the name of the ship's owner

c) the name and address of the insurer

d) the commencement date of the insurance

e) the amount of cover which must in any event not be less than the limit of liability under the 1976 Limitation Convention.

The "relevant insurance certificate" will need to be produced during Port State Control inspections and by the Australian Customs Service on entering or leaving Australian ports.

A six month period of grace will be allowed before full enforcement action is undertaken: ships without sufficient documentation on board will be given a warning until 5th September 2001. Thereafter ships will be detained until the required documentation is produced.

AMSA officials have indicated that although the Notice requires that the amount of cover be set out in the Certificate of Entry it will be assumed if a dollar amount is not set out that Club cover in any event extends at least to the cover provided under the 1976 Convention as amended.

AMSA officials have also indicated that if a vessel does not carry an original Certificate of Entry they will be satisfied with the provision of a photocopy on the vessel's first visit. However on the second and subsequent visits vessels will be expected to carry an original Certificate of Entry.

Please contact the Club if you need further information.

Yours faithfully


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