Circular 12/02: List of Ships



Dear Sirs

With effect from 30 September 2002, the list of ships entered in the Association will be accessible on the Association's main website,

This list will provide the name of the ship and relevant data for correct identification, the name of the Member, class of entry and the effective date of the entry in the Association. Members should note that where there is more than one Member (co-assured) in respect of any entry, the first named on the application form and certificate of entry, will be the name appearing on the electronic list of ships.

This list of ships will be available to any party accessing the Club website and will be updated daily from the Association's records. It can therefore be used by third parties to verify the entry of a ship in the Association if a Member is required to provide confirmation of their cover to a third party in the course of the ship's normal trading. Details of the terms of entry will not be provided by the Managers directly to any third party, other than correspondents or other concerned parties providing services to the ship at the request of the Association. The policy of all Clubs in the International Group not to give confirmation of cover directly to a third party is unchanged. However, the Managers will still be willing to provide to the Member a letter confirming the cover and any terms and conditions of particular relevance. A copy of this letter of confirmation from the Managers can be passed to the third party who requires such confirmation.

Certificates of Entry and Endorsements will still be issued by the Managers in the usual way and Members are advised to keep on board the ship an original certificate of entry or endorsement since this evidence of the entry in the Association is being increasingly required in many parts of the world. Direct access to the list of ships on the Club website will now provide evidence that the entry in the Association remains current. It is accordingly hoped that many of the common requests for letters of confirmation of entry can now be satisfied by a representation from the Member verified, if required by the third party, by direct access to the list of ships on the website.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Ltd.

Staff Author