Circular 8/04: Standard Marine Communication Phrases

Outline or telephone +44 20 7204 2307 with any questions regarding this circular.

  • This circular provides members with a sample copy of an instructional CD-ROM on standard marine communication phrases.
  • This CD is not a UK Club publication.

  • An order form for the purchase of additional copies of this CD from Newslink Services Ltd. is enclosed.


Dear Sirs


For several years the Club has been supporting NewsLink, an electronic newspaper sent out to over 3000 ships everyday. The newspaper contains editions with news from over 30 different countries including all the major crew supplying nations.

The Newsletter is supplemented by quarterly CDs distributed to the ships containing more detailed information including loss prevention advice from the Club.

Besides providing news the Newsletter is an ideal way of improving language skills as all newsletters are in English. To further this aim NewsLink has produced the enclosed CD which is based on IMO’s “Standard Marine Communication Phrases”.

This CD is an excellent way to assist seafarers of all ranks to improve their understanding of English.

In addition, a further CBT disc is enclosed which contains instructions on the workings of several well known Microsoft software packages.

The enclosed CD is complimentary. Should Members feel that more copies of the CDs would be of benefit to their seafarers, further copies can be ordered direct from NewsLink (order form enclosed) at a price of US$5 each.

Yours faithfully




Members are requested to contact Karl Lumbers on

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