Enhanced EU sanctions against Syria - 1st December 2011

On 1st December 2011, the EU Council adopted a new Decision 2011/782/CFSP to extend its restrictive measures against Syria. This Decision repeals the previous Decision 2011/273/CFSP. The new Council Decision expands the EU sanctions regime and targets the:

  • Transport from Syria of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Provision of insurance and reinsurance relating to transport from Syria of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Transport of military equipment to Syria
  • Transfer of key equipment and technology for the key sectors of the oil and natural gas industry in Syria, or to Syrian or Syrian-owned enterprises engaged in those sectors outside Syria, whether or not originating in their territories. The key sectors are (a) refining; (b) liquefied natural gas; (c) exploration; (d) production.
  • Provision of insurance and re-insurance to the Government of Syria, its public bodies, corporations and agencies or to any persons or entities acting on their behalf or at their direction, or to entities owned or controlled by them. However, the Decision specify that the prohibition does not apply to insurance or re-insurance to the owner of a vessel chartered by a Syrian person, entity or body if such person, entity or body is not listed in Annexes I or II of the Council Decision.

On 1st December 2011, the EU COUNCIL also adopted the Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1244/2011 to extend the existing asset freezing measures to include an additional 12 individuals and 11 entities.


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