Co-operation in loss prevention

The UK Club works in co-operation with a number of industry associations and organisations to develop and distribute advice and information on various liability and claims related topics.

Our loss prevention section features a selection of resources from the Nautical Institute that inform and assist Members on avoiding maritime incidents and adopting best practices from the industry. These include the Alert! and MARS reports and the serialised chapters from their publication "

Bulk Carrier Practice

MARS is the Mariners' Alerting and Reporting Scheme. A confidential reporting system run by the Nautical Institute to allow full reporting of accidents (and near misses) without fear of litigation. MARS reports are available to download from the loss prevention section of this website or through the Nautical Institute website.

Alert! is the international maritime human element bulletin - A Nautical Institute project sponsored by Lloyd's Register. The bulletins are designed to promote awareness and interest in the management of the human issues in all areas of the maritime industry.

The UK Club is a sponsor of the forthcoming Nautical Institute Command Seminar on 4th/5th November in Bristol, UK titled "The Ship/Port interface - Can it be made more efficient". This title link will call up the brochure and seminar programme which includes a presentation on the insurance aspects of port services by one of our Thomas Miller colleagues.

The UK Club has worked with the Nautical Institute on a number of other publications which can be found in the loss prevention area including - "Commercial management for ship masters", "Watchkeeping safety & cargo management in port" and "Managing risk in shipping".

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