Member Survey 2011 - May update

The Club's Member Survey is now well under way as consulting research company , RSM, have commenced interviewing their sample of Members by telephone.

A target of 150 individuals employed by our Members has been established as a minimum sample to find out what the wider membership thinks about the Club and the service that it offers.

In addition, RSM will also contact a number of the brokers who introduce business to the Club. In both cases, once an individual from a company, whether Member or broker has participated in the survey, no further individuals from the same organisation will be contacted.

The questions asked of those interviewees where framed by specialist market research consultants on the basis of initial interviews with 22 key Members, influential brokers and ex-Members.

As the survey progresses we will provide further briefings on this website, if you have any questions regarding the survey

Paul Knight

at the Thomas Miller London office

Staff Author