NEWS - Brazil CIC

As a follow up to Bulletin 776, we report that Brazil confirms its commitment to the Concentrated Inspection Campaign related to structural safety and load lines to be carried out by the Vina del Mar organisation in conjunction with the Paris/Tokyo MOU CICs of a similar nature.

The Navy's Department of Ports and Coasts, the Brazil, as a member country of the Viña del Mar Agreement, and using its naval inspectors stationed in the various Brazilian ports, will carry out a new Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) between the 1st September and 30th of November, 2011 on foreign merchant vessels calling the region during the aforementioned period, but this time with emphasis on the vessel's structural safety and load line aspects, in order to verify the compliance with relevant regulations such as the International Convention on Load Line, 1966.

Aiming to avoid unnecessary fines or delays to vessels entered with the Club, please warn Members of the above.

Staff Author