Updates on Japan (Editorial: 31st March 2011)

Updates on Japan

Although it is two weeks since the tragic earthquake and tsunami took place in Japan the repercussions for shipping and international trade continue. A number of ports in the north east of Japan have been severely damaged and some individual terminals are inoperable.

We have received many enquiries on issues arising from Japan trades ranging from the impact of rolling blackouts at some Japanese ports on refrigerated containers through to questions of safe port and in particular concerns about radiation emitting from the stricken Fukushima power station.

The UK Club continues to collate the latest information and advices on the situation in its Japan earthquake resources page.

Updates on wet and dry bulk status are published on an almost daily basis, news on US monitoring and notice requirements and other advice in respect of charter and voyage arrangements has been added to this page.

In addition to the updates & advisories, some ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQs) are answered on that page.

A useful way of staying up to date with the daily additions to that resource page is to follow the UK Club on Twitter. In addition to this Updates email, individual updates are notified via Twitter as they are posted on the site. The Club's twitter address is @ukpandi .

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