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Events in London & Piraeus over the last week have engaged the UK Club combining hospitality with support for maritime safety.

In addition to Posidonia, the sixth annual Safety at Sea Awards took place with the Training award being sponsored by the UK Club.

Safety at Sea Awards 2012 

The sixth annual Safety at Sea Awards took place on 14 June with the Training award being sponsored by the UK Club.

The shortlisted entrants for final consideration in this category were:

Longscar Marine Consultants - Enhanced Master/Pilot Relationships course

SAAM SA - Basic training in survival aspects under capsizing incidents

Safebridge - Safebridge e-learning software for mandatory type-specific ECDIS training

Longscar Marine Consultants were judged the winners for their enhanced master/pilot relationship course. The event's guest of honour, Capt Ian McNaught, Deputy Master of Trinity House, presented their award certificate and trophy.

Situated on the historic warship HMS Belfast, moored in the Pool of London, the evening celebrated the role that safety managers and manufacturers play in saving and protecting life at sea across the international maritime market.

Our risk management director, Karl Lumbers, and loss prevention executive John Grenville-Goble represented the UK Club and hosted a table of Club guests at the event. Open Day

Our Posidonia Open Day on the 7th June was a great success as we were hoist to around 750 visitors during the course of the afternoon.

The newly refurbished office was formally opened with an Orthodox blessing followed by a steady stream of visitors enjoying our balcony and sharing our hospitality.

Several UK P&I and UK Defence Club Directors and many of those clubs' shipowner principals were among our guests

In addition to the host Thomas Miller Hellas team visitors from London included Hugo Wynn Williams (Thomas Miller P&I chairman & CEO), Daniel Evans (Thomas Miller Regional Director - Greece) and underwriters Paul Collier and Mark Mathews.

Euro interest

On the 11th June it was the Euro 2012 football championship, not the currency that engaged brokers' interest.

UK P&I executives joined with colleagues from the other Thomas Miller managed mutuals to host London market brokers to an evening watching England's first Euro 2012 match against France.

Although a draw meant honours even between the two teams, the initial England goal ensured close interest and excitement.

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