Keeping track of international sanctions

Our website maintains a special area on the subject to assist Members keep track of these developments. For example, the latest EU regulation in respect of Syria provides a comprehensive overview of the various goods, services and activities currently subject to sanctions.

Keeping abreast of these sanctions is important. Members are reminded of the Association's Rule 5V which excludes a claim from cover where payment of the claim may expose the Club to any risk of sanction.

The International Sanctions section of this website compiles information and resources on sanctions from governmental bodies such as the UK Treasury, US Treasury and European Union as well as expert commentary from law firms and other organizations. In combination with the Club's own material these resources should enable Members to refer to the  specific sanctions applying to countries like Iran and Syria to ensure their compliance.

To access this section, simply click on the image of Iranian & Syrian flags found on the right hand side of either the home page or the Knowledge & Developments section.

If Members have any queries on cover or status relating to these sanctions they are recommended to refer to their usual Club contact.

We welcome any suggestions for improvement of this section. Please forward your comments to

Nick Whitear


Jenny Whitehead


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