‘No room for risk’

The UK Club has released a short video to spread the message that "In this business there is no room for risk".

The fifteen-minute video shot in various shipboard and office locations illustrates the Club's innovative approach to risk management, the 'BowTie' analysis of hazards and their potential consequences if uncontrolled.

Scenes filmed on board ship highlight the role of the Club's risk assessors. Working in co-operation with the officers and crew they identify risk areas and corresponding controls and precautions, often cheaply and simply put in place.

The process is a two way street. The assessor is able to share with shipboard and shoreside staff other Members' experience as well as the past claims experiences of the Club. Officers and crew are encouraged to contribute ideas on both hazards and the corresponding threats and controls.

The analysis takes this into consideration the risk that conventional or established precautions and controls associated with maritime operations can innocently fail. Indeed, many of the claims that inform this work arose from such failures. The Club's methodology draws on the analysis of 100,000 claims over the last 23 years

It has identified seven primary risk hazards; 76 common threats, which if not contained could cause an incident; and 450 controls that need to be in place and effective if the threats are to be contained.

The video illustrates the basic principles with both the simple "Tiger in the Cage" example as well a maritime example - wet damage to cargo.

A consistent and inclusive approach to risk encourages sustained and measured loss prevention activity over the longer term. Sharing information across the fleet and operational departments enhances credibility, co-operation and effectiveness.

The UK Club risk management project offers strategic guidance to owners and operators on tackling the root cause of expensive claims. Using quantified real-life case examples owners/operators are able to invest proportionately in risk management and loss prevention activity.

Copies of the video on multi-region DVD format are being sent to all Club Members. In addition, it can be viewed on the loss prevention section of the UK Club website where further materials explaining the methodology can be downloaded.

Staff Author