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The Club passed the milestone of 500 Twitter followers this week. This group of subscribers continues to grow daily, but more importantly the event highlights the ease with which users be alerted to new content on this website as well as saving it for use by themselves or sharing with colleagues.

The "Share" function on our website enables copies of over 2,000 items of Club content to be saved offline or re-published via more than 320 apps, social media channels and communication platforms.

All our new content items are 'tweeted' as soon as they are published so that followers of the Club's Twitter feed are immediately alerted with a short message summarising the content and a clickable link straight to that page. Many regular readers find this a useful timesaving feature, rather than repeatedly visiting the site to see what is new.

Content can also be 'retweeted' to colleagues and friends to view as well. However, there are many other options for passing this content to relevant colleagues.

All the articles in our Knowledge & Developments section carry a Share function below the last line of content. Icons for the most popular functions are there enabling the article to be emailed, printed off in A4 format as well as re-published via Facebook and Twitter. But clicking on the Share button reveals the full list of options.


The menu of options in the Share function includes not just the well known social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but many of the regional networks as well.

Click on the relevant icon and it automatically launches the network so you can publish a direct link to the Club content on your social network page for access by any of your audience group.

Saving for later

Time can also be saved by compiling Club content as part of a wider list of web content for later reading. Alternatively you may wish to keep the material to hand for future reference. Services like Instapaper and Evernote enable you to build your own compendium of web content in one place. You can read the content at a more convenient time and order it in your own system together with related content from other websites.

The leading services for this method off aggregating content usually provide smartphone apps enabling you to easily refer to the content on handheld devices.

The Club's general policy is its content can be freely shared to third parties for information purposes so long as the Club is acknowledged as the source and that the information is provided to others free of charge. However, please be aware that Club webpages can carry content from other suppliers under limited terms of permission or use - e,g, newspaper articles. This content is usually not permitted by the original source to be republished further.

If you need further clarification, read our 'Terms of Use' section which carries the copyright policy of the Club or call

Nick Whitear


Jenny Whitehead

at the Club's London office.

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