UK Club restructure increases efficiency under Solvency 2

The Club announced this week it is reorganising its structure to establish UK Europe as the sole provider of direct insurance to UK Club members.

These changes are a response to the impending Solvency 2 regulations for insurers in the European Union. By reducing the number of separately regulated insurers from two to one, the UK Club aims to streamline governance, reduce compliance costs and more efficiently manage the Club's solvency capital requirements whilst meeting the impending Solvency 2 regulations for insurers in the European Union.

The reorganisation will not affect UK Club Members' terms of entry, cover or premium. They will continue to be Members of UK Bermuda but will be insured by UK Europe.

The valued relationships between Members, the Club and its Managers will continue unchanged as will the scope of services provided.

The new structure will take effect from February 2013 and so does not impact Members in the 2012 policy year.

A new section of our website titled "

Club Restructure

" provides details of the forthcoming changes and will publish regular updates on progress. These updates will also appear in Latest Update emails.

In addition to an overview of the restructure, these web pages publish details on the process and explain the new structure in comparion to the old. An FAQs page gives answers to the most common enquiries. This page will also be updated from time to time as new questions arise or become topical.

However, if you have specific questions unanswered by the material published here please contact the Club secretariat John McPhail either by phone +44 20 7204 or by email


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