UK Club sponsors Seahorse Journalist of the Year Award 2012

Communications Director Nick Whitear presented the 2012 Journalist of the Year award to Lloyds List's Deputy Editor Liz McCarthy on behalf of the UK Club. Liz won the award after her three submitted articles

were judged the best among a selection of very high quality articles submitted by both maritime and general business newspapers.

The UK Club is a regular sponsor of the event and more recently of the Journalist of the Year award. More information on the Seahorse Club, a gathering of journalists, public relations and other marketing professionals from the maritime and transport sector can be found here:* This article is copyright Informa and is reproduced with permission. Reproduction, retrieval, copying or transmission of this article is not permitted without the publisher's prior consent. Informa does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this article nor does it accept responsibility for errors or omissions or their consequences.
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