Loss Prevention Initiatives 2013

The UK P&I Club Loss Prevention department publishes over forty different books, DVDs, videos, newsletters, bulletins and other electronic media. Members can already explore this diverse range of initiatives on the Club's website. However, a brochure summarising all these publications & resources was published this week under the title

"Loss Prevention Initiatives 2013".

This brochure covers both the latest initiatives e.g. the 'Bow-Tie' based Risk Management project as well as traditional activities like Carefully to Carry and Signum's crime prevention and investigation.

Whilst many of these activities have their own detailed brochures and information, the latest brochures provides an overview of the many ways the department can assist and support Members to improve safety, prevent claims and ultimately improve efficiency and cost management.

Many of the publications are available from the website as immediate downloads in PDF format. Hard copies can be ordered from the loss prevention department. They can be contacted in respect of the advisory services such as benchmarking and ship inspection.

In order to improve delivery and awareness overall, two weekly email bulletin options are available from the Club. In addition to the Club's overall "Latest Update" bulletin, a special 'loss prevention only' bulletin is also sent out weekly. Members and non-Members can sign up for these bulletins via our website. 

 Ordering Loss Prevention material

Members can order any of this material directly from the Club.

For non-Members a selection of the Club's Loss Prevention material is available to through Marisec Publications. More details of how to purchase this material can be found at the Marisec website:




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