UK Club comes top of Intercargo study on Port State Control benchmarking

Bulk carriers entered in the UK Club have the lowest number of Port State Control deficiencies when inspected according to the latest edition of "Benchmarking Bulk Carriers" published by Intercargo.

The dry cargo shipowners association report states that UK Club ships average only 1.42 deficiencies per inspection compared to an average across the International Group of 2.16.

The report also shows the individual P&I club market share of Intercargo membership. The UK Club, alongside the Japan Club, clearly leads in terms of market share with just over 12%.

The relevant section of the report is attached above as a PDF. The full report can be obtained from Intercargo (see below for details).

Deficiency rates for non-Group P&I ships are considerably higher at 5.32 leading Intercargo to comment "unambiguous support for the hypothesis that vessels entered with the International Group of P&I Clubs tend to outperform those in Clubs that are not."

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