RASI II- Thomas Miller Challenge Trophy

On Sat 22nd April RASI II took place on the water linking Sentosa to Singapore. The event saw six teams compete for the Thomas Miller Trophy in order to raise funds for Mission to Seafarers. Spectators, organisers and support staff were all on board the tall ship Royal Albatross. The Thomas Miller Trophy was specially created for the event with the Singapore office commissioning a new plinth and cover to be made locally before it was presented.

The Competing teams were as follows:

  • Raffles Quay Rabble
  • Team Willis Towers Watson
  • HFW Wolfpack
  • Team Hill Dickinson
  • Singapore Maritime Academy Team
  • Singapore Maritime Academy Team 2

The heats took place in the morning under an overcast sky, whereas the finals were held in the afternoon with the weather just about holding after an earlier storm!


Thomas Miller Challenge - Bowl Final  

Champions : Team Willis Towers Watson

Runners Up : Singapore Maritime Academy Team 2

Thomas Miller Challenge - Plate Final  

Champions : HFW Wolfpack

Runners Up : Singapore Maritime Academy Team 1

Thomas Miller Challenge - Cup Final and winner of the Thomas Miller Challenge Trophy

Champions : Raffles Quay Rabble

Runners Up : Team Hill Dickinson

The final was a closely fought affair with Raffles Quay Rabble just pipping Team Hill Dickinson. On behalf of the Thomas Miller Group, Regional Advisor Lee Wai Pong presented prizes to all of the participants which were later displayed (alongside the trophy) on the main deck of the Royal Albatross.

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