China has become a significant importer of goods, and Members often face claims advanced by shippers or consignees in China.

The latest publication from the UK Club Legal Briefing team provides an overview of the current situation and recommendations to note if Members face claims by shippers or consignees in China.

This briefing is one of a continuing series which aims to share the legal expertise within the Club with our Members.

A significant proportion of the expertise in the Managers' offices around the world consists of lawyers who can advise Members on general P&I related legal, contractual and documentary issues. These lawyers participate in a virtual team, writing on topical and relevant legal issues under the leadership of our Legal Director,

Chao Wu.

If you have any enquiries regarding this briefing, please contact Dingjing Huang (

or +44 20 7204 2085) and he will be pleased to respond to your query.

The team also welcomes editorial suggestions from Members on P&I related legal topics and problems. Please contact Jacqueline Tan (

or +44 20 7204 2118) or Chao Wu (

or +44 20 7204 2157)


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