Lookout: Issue 2

In this edition of Lookout, we examine the subject of collision avoidance from three key aspects. Firstly, George  Devereese, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, highlights the wider problem involving navigation close to fishing vessels and gives some helpful guidance for Masters and their Bridge teams. Secondly, David Nichol, Senior Loss Prevention Executive at UK P&I Club, assesses the lessons learnt from two reported collisions that were recently investigated by the UKMAIB. Thirdly, Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at UK P&I Club, and Captain John Simpson,Director at SolisMarine, discuss the need for good Pilot-Bridge communications, which are essential as of part of passage planning for the ship to operate safely, particularly when piloting waters where hazards are at close range and reaction times are limited.

Finally, in "Risk Ahoy",we discuss how "gamification" has developed and is now helping to raise risk awareness among seafarers and make the shipping industry a safer working environment.

We welcome any comments and discussion you wish to share with us on the topics covered here. We would also be interested to hear from you on topics that you would like to read in future editions.

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