Appendix III

Appendix III: TT Risks

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Appendix III

Appendix III: TT Risks

This Appendix contains a summary of the risks which may be incorporated where contractually agreed, in the terms and conditions on which a ship is entered in the Association by, or on behalf of, the Owner or the Charterer, by means of a short form reference to such summary in the Certificate of Entry or in an Endorsement Slip.

Through Transport Risks

A. General Terms and Conditions of Cover

Pursuant to and subject to Rules 3 and 4, Section 4 of the Association’s Rules, it is hereby agreed that the cover afforded to the above-named Member in respect of the entered ship includes the risks set out in B below but on terms and conditions and subject always to the exceptions and limitations referred to in C below.

B. Risks Covered

This insurance covers the Member’s liability, whether as an Owner or Charterer of the entered ship in respect of the following risks:

1. Carrying Equipment
2. Cargo Liabilities
3. Third Party Liabilities
4. Fines and Duty
5. Costs
6. Discretionary Insurance
7. Handling Equipment

C. Terms, conditions, exceptions and limitations The terms, conditions, exceptions and limitations upon which cover is afforded in respect of each and all of the risks in B above is set out in a separate document available from the Managers.