UK Club Live Webinar (Series 25): Managing a Casualty - Pollution Response

Pollution from various sources such as oil, cargo and plastics continue to be one of the major sources of concern for coastal states, vessel operators and ship’s crew. On Thursday 05 May, the Club held their latest Loss Prevention webinar discussing the practical aspects of mitigating and clean-up of pollution and examining the critical task that P&I clubs hold with organisations such as ITOPF and salvors to mitigate and clean up various types of pollution at sea and on the coast.

Joining us on the panel was Capt Ajay Prasad, Managing Director at brand Marine Consultants and Miguel Patel, Senior Technical Advisor at ITOPF.

Discussions centred around the practical and technical aspects of pollution clean-up, the various resources at the disposal of operators and seafarers, followed by a live Q&A session.

Captain Anuj Velankar

Regional Loss Prevention Director (Singapore)