PEME Programme

The Crew Health Pre-employment Medical Examination (PEME) programme is the leading loss prevention initiative within the UK P&I Club. Clinics, approved under the programme, are held accountable to both the Club and Members for their performance.The aim of the PEME Programme is to reduce the volume, and value, of illness and repatriation claims which related to pre-existing medical conditions.

The Club developed an enhanced medical examination, based on recognised maritime standards, to screen the major bodily organs and functions and provide markers to crew health. The enhanced examination is delivered through our approved clinic network of medical providers who serve the major areas of crew recruitment and are accountable for their service.

The PEME Programme is well developed with over 22 years experience and in excess of 390,000 medical examinations conducted on ships’ crew. Quality clinic services and trusted medical providers remain at the core of the programme. All the approved clinics have an excellent working relationship with the UK Club.

Physical Health

Our enhanced medical examination screens the major body organs in order to detect the most common physical health conditions and prevent crew falling ill whilst onboard. Maintaining physical health during service at sea is very important. A sick crewmember not only puts their own health at risk but can also negatively impact on ship operations and safety onboard.

Mental Health

Poor mental health can affect crew of all ages, nationalities and ranks. Support, awareness and education is the key in recognising mental health issues and the first step in order to support crew on the journey to recovery.


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