UK P&I CLUB ライブウェビナー (Series 8) 追加ビデオ、Richard BarnesとのQ&A

Webinar Series 8_Phone-a-Friend with Richard Barnes
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ケミカルタンカー・クレームに関する第8回UKクラブ・ウェビナーのフォローアップとして、限られた時間内にお応えできなかった質問について、パネリストであるLighthouse Maritime Services社のRichard Barnes が回答いたします。第8回ウェビナーのビデオはこちらからご覧いただけます。 

The UK P&I Club recently held a on the subject of Chemical Tanker Claims. The recording of the Webinar is now available on the Club’s website.

As a follow up, the LP team has conducted further recording with the panellists where they covered the various questions that could not be covered due to the lack of time. These questions not only include the questions raised by the audience during registrations, but also the concerns and questions raised by the audience during the webinar itself.

In the following video, the host of the Webinar, Capt Anuj Velankar, talks with the Supercargo expert Richard Barnes of Lighthouse Maritime. Richard speaks of the various practical challenges related to the operating a chemical tanker. Among the various issues discussed are the problems with standardizing wall wash tests, the various pros and cons of spectrometer analysis, new regulations coming up in Jan 2021 and the way he sees the landscape of the chemical tanker industry changing in the near future.

The webinars are an effort of the UKP P&I Club to promote safety and best practices and are currently being held on a monthly basis. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, reach out to your Club contact or the Loss prevention team at .

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