Poor mental health can affect crew of all ages, nationalities and ranks. Support, awareness and education is the key in recognising mental health issues and the first step in order to support crew on the journey to recovery

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The UK P&I Club Crew Health team support the Sailors' Society’s Wellness at Sea Programme. The programme is a unique and valuable addition to the training of crew worldwide. Wellness at Sea is a coaching programme aimed at improving seafarers’ onboard well-being and seeks to combat issues by addressing ‘wellness’ as a holistic concept made up of five specific areas of well-being: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual. Who is the Wellness at Sea programme aimed at? The course is available at two levels: an Officer Programme and a Cadet Programme.

The Crew Health team encourage Members to consider the Wellness at Sea project for their crew.

Johan Smith, Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea Programme Manager: “We are really pleased to have UK P&I Club’s backing and recognition of the value of Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme. Seafarers who undertake Wellness at Sea coaching will be equipped to better meet their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs, thereby helping to prevent and minimise poor health or incidents at sea. By focusing on people rather than problems, we seek to support the centre point around which our industry revolves.”

In 2018 the Sailors Society Wellness at Sea programme was launched as an e-learning training platform. The coaching programme seeks to enable seafarers to improve their on board health and well-being by exploring five different aspects of wellness and the impact that they can have on the safe running of a ship.


Innovative Maritime Emotional Intelligence Center (I.M.E.Q) is a mental health research center with offices in Cyprus, Limassol and Athens. IMEQ promotes mental health wellness and awareness at sea.

The center has specialist social psychologists, educational psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists working across pre-employment mental health assessment, immediate crisis response and online psychometric testing.

“So proud to be able to set sail with the UK P&I Club into a new era of shipping where education for seafarers becomes our priority. We are happy to announce that our main mission is to provide our expertise on mental health issues and promote wellness at sea.” - Alexandra S. Kaloulis, Managing Director of I.M.E.

UK Club Members benefit from an exclusive discount, so if you would like to receive further information on the services provided, please do not hesitate to contact the UK Club Crew Health team


Marlins, V.Group’s leading brand of Maritime English language testing, recruitment and e-learning solutions for seafarers have a catalogue of interactive eLearning courses, accessible worldwide, offering flexibility to help your company meet international, regulatory training requirements cost-effectively. 

The UK Club are delighted to Partner with Marlins to offer Club Members a 20% discount on all courses under the ‘Crew Wellbeing’ category. Currently covering the following topics, over the next few months, Marlins will also launch three new courses covering dignity at work to help address issues of bullying and harassment onboard cargo and cruise ships, stress management and physical health. 

  • Diversity and inclusion at sea
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Fatigue management
  • Hours of work and rest record keeping
  • Resilience programme
  • Working effectively across cultures

Sophia Bullard, UK Club Crew Health Director stated:

“Wellbeing of seafarers, to include both physical and mental health, has always been a key feature of the UK P&I Club Crew Health Team’s work. The importance of education and awareness in matters of poor mental health continues to be a priority. Accordingly, the Crew Health team are very excited about the latest partnership with Marlins Training.  We actively support and recommend their extensive eLearning catalogue. In particular, the courses on Resilience, Fatigue Management and Diversity training for seafarers provide an excellent tool to create inward thinking and open discussion on these key topics.”

Catherine Logie, Business Development Director, Marlins, commented:

“We are delighted that UK P&I Club has chosen Marlins’ e-learning courses as a means of supporting seafarer wellbeing. We aim to help seafarers cope with the personal challenge of working at sea by proving clear information and practical suggestions that individuals themselves can act on. We are looking forward to working with the UK P&I Club on a range of crew wellbeing training initiatives.”

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