ECM Client Alert 10-2017: Panama Canal Advisory A-15-2017 - Modification to Fuel Requirements in Canal Waters

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has issued a new Advisory A‐15‐2017 which clarifies certain issues relating to requirements under the ACP's fuel regulations for all vessels transiting the Panama Canal. This advisory has been released following certain issues raised in the ACP's previous Advisory A-04-2017.

OP Notice to Shipping N-1-2017, “Vessel Requirements”, Section 29.a, requires that vessels complete the switch (changeover) from heavy fuel oil (residual fuel) to light fuel (distillate fuel) that will be used for their propulsion engines, auxiliary engines, boilers and other ancillary equipment, prior to arriving at Panama Canal waters. This requirement will resolve operational issues, as well as avoid any negative impact on the health of Panama Canal Authority (ACP) personnel, caused by the use of HFO while in Canal waters.

All vessels that arrive with the intention of transiting, shall record the fuel changeover in their engine room logbook and/or fuel oil changeover logbook. The logbook entries shall specify the date and time of commencement and ending of the changeover from heavy (residual) fuel to light (distillate) fuel, as well as the sulfur content of fuels.

Kindly refer to the attachments hereto for additional information.

As usual, if Members have any questions on this subject, your usual contact at the Club would be pleased to assist you


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