Indonesia - Time Bars

As such in Indonesia, the law does not specify when the limitation periods begin. However, in practice, the period starts when the right to make the claim first arises.

However, there is no specific maritime law/Act in Indonesia but there are few provisions in regard to the time bars/limitation as per Indonesian Commercial Code.

Type of ActionLimitation periodAct/Statute
Cargo ClaimsWithin 1 (one) year from the delivery of the cargo or after the day of the cargo should be delivered. The limitation period for the transportation of goods through a sea shipment is triggered after the date the goods are delivered or supposed to be delivered.Article 487
Vessel Collision ClaimsWithin 2 (two) years from the day of the collision happened or incurring the damage.Article 742 in conjunction with article 544 for vessel to vessel.
Article 742 in conjunction with article 544a for vessel to fixed/floating object.
Crew ContractWithin 1 (one) year after the end of the duty in the vessel.Article 745
Ship ChandlerWithin 3 (three) years from the delivery was done or the work was completed.Article 743
Payment to SalvorWithin 2 (two) years after completing the salvage.Article 742
Payment to the pilot, port duesWithin 1 (one) year after collecting the payment.Article 745
Calculation and sharing of general averageWithin 1 (one) year after completing the journey.Article 745
Payment of General AverageWithin 1 (one) year from the calculation and sharing have been conveyed by the expert to the Court's clerk or the related Parties.Article 745
Passenger ClaimsWithin 1 (one) year.Article 741
Workmen Compensation The time limit is 2 (two) years after the accident happened.
Missing Person (Death in absentia)A person can be legally presumed as death after 5 (five) years disappeared from the last time he/she left his/her last address. This assumption must be followed up by the petition to the Court to summon her/him including issuing the summon in the newspaper in 3 times every 3 months.Article 467-471 under Indonesian Civil Code
Wreck RemovalThere is no specific regulation for the time limit.The matter can be referred to Article 1967 of Indonesian Civil Code (30 years).
Oil PollutionThere is no specific regulation for the time limit.The matter can be referred to Article 1967 of Indonesian.

Generally, the legal claims (business or individual), expire after 30 years under Article 1967 of Indonesian Civil Code. However, there are certain exceptions in terms of the general limitations period for the claims for professional services e.g. lawyers', doctors, formen etc. The limitation period for the payment of their service fees is two years unless otherwise agreed in the contracts/ agreements.

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