Singapore - Guidance on IMO 2020 Fuel oil Sulphur limit

As Members may be aware from previous bulletins on the subject, new regulations related to Fuel Oil sulphur content will come into force from 01 Jan 2020. To prepare the maritime industry, various port states have released guidance on how changes will be implemented.

Members may refer to a recent bulletin on China as shared by our local correspondents in the region.
Singapore is a major transport hub with at any one time, there being about 1000 vessels in the Singapore port for mainly cargo and bunkering purposes, with over 130,000 vessels making ship calls at Singapore port. The Singapore Registry of Ships ( SRS) is amongst the top 5 largest ship registries in the world with over 4,500 vessels registered with it.

Members with vessels visiting the port nation or with vessels in its registry will be interested in the recent publication by the Maritime and port authority ( MPA) Singapore of two publications, giving guidance on the 2020 implementation to Singapore flag registered vessels and also to vessels which plan to visit the port for various reasons.

For Singapore flagged vessels the main points included are: 

  • The guidance includes background on IMO conventions and upcoming changes.
  • The abatement technology fitted on the vessels will need flag state approval. The manner in which this can be obtained is explained.
  • Guidance on selecting alternative fuels.
  • Various technical and operational issues regarding choosing Scrubbers.
  • Guidance on compliant fuels.
  • Guidance on fuel changeover procedures.

For vessels visiting the port of Singapore, the main points covered are:

  • Guidance on Ship implementation and changeover plan.
  • Availability of complaint and high sulphur fuel.
  • Availability of reception facilities for scrubber discharge.
  • Prohibition on open loop scrubbers in Singapore port waters.
  • Port state enforcement of the regulations.

Members may find the full guidance on the MPA website.

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