US: California Fuel Regulations Remain in Force

With the IMO 2020 fuel regulations, and alongside that the Emission Control Area (ECA) regulations, currently at the forefront of everyone's mind, the California Air Resources Board(CARB) has felt it necessary to issue a reminder, Marine Notice 2020-1, to vessel operators that the California Fuel Regulations remain fully in force, and must be complied with. These regulations, applicable within 24 nautical miles of California's shore, require the use of distillate fuels with maximum 0.1% sulphur content and do not allow for the use of exhaust gas scrubbers or non-distillate fuels to meet compliance standards.

Members are directed to ECM's Client Alert 2-2020 and Marine Notice 2020-1 for additional information. If Members have any questions relating to this Notice, your usual contact at the UK P&I Club will be pleased to assist you.


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