ICS publishes Roadmap for Vaccination of International Seafarers

ICS roadmap for seafarers

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has recently published Coronavirus (COVID-19): Roadmap for Vaccination of International Seafarers (available to download below).

This 21-page guidance sets out procedures for all stakeholders to facilitate crew inoculation during the pandemic. The ICS indicates that this roadmap provides a framework to establish a local vaccination programme dedicated to seafarers, which can be used by shipping companies, maritime administrations and national health authorities during the planning and roll-out stages of the vaccination programme.

Under the Roadmap, ICS reiterate that “vaccination requires an individual’s informed and voluntary consent”. If an employed seafarer refuses vaccination, Members are recommended to consider the reasons given carefully. ICS also suggests that Members may consider not allowing unvaccinated employees to work. See here for further information on the ICS Guidance on Legal, Liability and Insurance Issues arising from Vaccination of Seafarers and a practical guide.

For more information please get in touch with your usual Club contact who will be please to assist you.


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