Announcement of Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration on Strengthening the Safety Management of Ships with Machinery Failure

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The UK Club would like to draw Members' attention to the latest circular from Club correspondent Huatai advising of additional requirements for vessels entering and leaving Shanghai Port. Vessels will be subject to Accident Investigation and Safety Inspection by Maritime Safety Administrations (MSA), if the following occurs;

1. Machinery failure occurs within traffic lanes and precautionary areas. 

2. Machinery failure occurs in waters apart from those stated in 1 and the repair time exceeds 2 hours. 

3. Close quarter situations, accidents caused by machinery failure, which obviously affected traffic safety order under the jurisdiction. 

4. Machinery failure occurred twice or above in Shanghai Port waters within 12 months. 

5. Within 12 months, ships run by the same Owners, Operators or Managers have suffered 3 or more machinery failures in the waters of Shanghai Port, and the cumulative number of machinery failures during the period exceeds 10% of the total fleet. 

Please download Huatai's Circular below for additional details.  

  • Huatai Circular PNI [2022]06 286 KB


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Sean Song

Claims and Loss Prevention Executive