COVID-19: Industry Guidelines and Additional Resources


Ship operators will have conducted a risk assessment to determine where there is potential for COVID-19 to impact operations. This will include, not least:

  • Crew changes
  • Port operations
  • Crew health and wellbeing on board
  • Contingency / emergency arrangements.

The purpose of such a risk assessment is to determine and implement measures to reduce risk to as low as reasonably practicable and mitigate losses. Industry bodies have collaborated to produce and publish guidelines that are available for free, to support owners and operators to implement industry best practice.

This page provides links to a range of industry best practice guidelines and relevant pages of organisations including the World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, and the International Maritime Organization.Guidance on legal aspects and Club cover is also provided.

Comprehensive industry guideline:

COVID-19 Guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers, 4th edition

Published by: ICS, IMHA, Intertanko, ITF


Additional resources:

COVID-19 Club Cover FAQ

Published by: UK P&I Club

COVID-19 Legal, liability and insurance issues arising from vaccination of seafarers, 2nd edition

Published by: ICS, IGP&I, ITF, Intertanko

COVID-19 Guidelines for ensuring a safe shipboard interface between ship and shore-based personnel

Published by: ICS, IAPH, BIMCO, IACS, IMPA, IFSMA, Intertanko, IGP&I, CLIA, Intercargo, InterManager, IPTA, FONASBA, WSC, IMEC, ISOA

COVID-19 Protocols to mitigate the risks of cases on board ships

Published by: ICS, IMHA, Intertanko

Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan

Publsihed by: Intertanko

COVID-19 Vaccination for seafarers and shipping companies: a practical guide

Published by: ICS, IMHA, Intertanko, ITF

COVID-19 Practical information on vaccinations for seafarers (video)

Published by: ICS

Information note on maritime labour issues and coronavirus - revised version 3.0

Published by: ILO

COVID-19 Recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel

Published by: IMO

COVID-19 Roadmap for vaccination of international seafarers

Published by: ICS, ECSA, IACS, IAPH, InterManager, IMCA, IMHA, IMEC, Intertanko, ITF, SSA

COVID-19 Seafarer shore leave principles

Published by: ICS, ECSA, IMCA, InterManager, IAPH, ICMA, Intercargo, IMEC, Intertanko


You may also be interested in:

Information by the World Health Organization

Published by: WHO

See also: WHO weekly update

International Maritime Organization Resolutions to support seafarers

Published by IMO

IMO Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) support for stranded seafarers

Seafarers and their relatives can contact the SCAT via email:

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