Turkey: Amendment to Environmental Law for Marine Pollution Incidents

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The Club's Correspondent, Vitsan, has issued a Circular to advise Members of amendments and new provisions in the Turkish Environmental Law for Marine Pollution Incidents, published in the Official Gazette on 15 June 2022. In brief;

  • The list of Category 4 pollutants, previously garbage and sewage discharge from the vessel, has been expanded to include below:
    - Domestic wastewater
    - Water with detergent
    - Foam
    - Scrubber system washing waters
    - Similar washing waters and solid wastes etc.
  • New higher fines levels have been introduced for smaller vessels in respect of Category 4 pollution incidents.
  • Fines have also been introduced for use of fuels with sulphur content exceeding IMO designated limits. 
  • If a marine pollution occurs within the "Special Environmental Protection Area" defined as The Marmara Sea (including the Istanbul Strait, Canakkale Strait and Izmit Bay), the amount of fines will be doubled. 
  • Terminals and Shore facilities will also be subjected to fines for failure to report pollution incidents. 

Members are recommended to download Vitsan's Circular below for additional details. 

  • Amendment to Environmental Law 262 KB


    Download PDF

Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager