Turkish P&I cover issue resolved / Agreement between Turkey and IG

Turkey - Istanbul

Following significant engagement between the International Group and the Government of Turkey, an agreement has now been reached for such ships carrying crude oil cargoes and that will allow Members to continue voyages through Turkish controlled international straits and waters.

Members are referred to the Club notice issued on 6th December 2022 on the notice issued by the Government of Turkey dated 16 November 2022 requiring ships carrying crude oil and transiting or entering Turkish waters from 01 December 2022 (extended to 02 December 2022), to provide letters of confirmation from the owner’s P&I Club attesting that cover will remain in place throughout the duration of the transit or the time the ship is in Turkish waters or the time it is in a port or terminal.

Members should contact their Club for further information and for the documentation needed for ships in such circumstances.

Staff Author