Israel: 0.10% fuel sulphur limit in ports from 23.02.2023

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Israel's Port Regulations (prevention of air pollution from ships) 2022 implementing MARPOL Annex VI will enter into force on 23 February, 2023. The new regulations prohibit the use of fuel oil with a sulphur content of more than 0.10% when vessels are moored alongside or waiting at designated anchorages unless an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS) is fitted1. Use of electricity from a shore connection (available at Bay-port) is also an acceptable alternative compliance method. From this date onwards, vessels not fitted with an EGCS carrying non-compliant fuel on board will be subject to port State control actions. 

The regulations also provide guidance on reporting non-availability of compliant fuel, despite best efforts to source the same. This notification, commonly referred to as a Fuel Oil Non-Availability Report (FONAR), must be submitted as soon as the master becomes aware that compliant fuel cannot be sourced. 

The update from the Club's correspondent, M.Dizengoff & Co. may be downloaded below for additional information. 

If Members have any questions relating to compliance with MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14 on sulphur oxides, your usual contact at the Club will be pleased to assist you.

1Members are directed to the EGCSA Interactive Map for the latest updates on scrubbers regulations.

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Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager