Panama Canal Authority - New "Disruption Charges" Tariff

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Members are asked to take note of a new tariff which has recently been added to the list of tariffs imposed by the Panama Canal Authority (PCA). This new tariff, referred to as a disruption charge, is applicable as of 1 January 2023 to a vessel which disrupts or impedes the scheduled transit of vessels. The amount payable depends on the size of the vessel and whether the disruption charge is categorised as ‘low’ or ‘high’. The amount of the charge is not negotiable, nor appealable, although its applicability may possibly be challenged on the facts.

The Club’s correspondent, C. Fernie & Co, advise that this charge has been applied often by the PCA since the beginning of the year.

The Correspondent’s email and attachments may be downloaded below for additional details of this new tariff.

  • ADV38-2022-Additional-Information-Regarding-the-Complementary-Tariffs-Effective-January-1-2023 148 KB


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  • Tariff changes summary 19 oct22 180 KB


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  • New Panama Canal Tariff Item - Disruption Charges 18 KB


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Jacqueline Tan

Legal Services Manager