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Update on Panama implementation of MLC 2006

The Marine Circular 254 (attached above) recently issued by the Panama Maritime Authority gives initial explanation of its implementation of MLC 2006. In the provisional "Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part 1" (DLMC 1) attached proposed standards in respect of seafarer working conditions are set out.

For example, Panama has made it clear that the minimum age for all seafarers should be 18 years. This is different from most other flag states that allow for lower age for seafarers ( except cooks ) with certain provisions. This may impact members with trainees or cadets on Panamanian flagged vessels.

Panama has adopted the system of noting the rest hours much like most other flag states (see attached).

In Section 12 - on board medical care - it requires shipowners to provide for "coverage through an insurance policy that guarantees the protection of health as well as prompt and adequate access of seafarers to medical care while working on board."

Further aspects of MLC 2006 implementation are likely to be in the second such document (DMLC 2 ) or the actual legislation which is expected to be released later.

Panama had published a circular, MMC 253, ( see attached ) that announced a final draft of the revised maritime regulations by the end of 2012.

Any enquiries are directed to:

Directorate General of Merchant Marine

Panama Maritime Authority

Phone: +1 507 501-5033

Fax: +1 507 501-5083

Full details of the rules can be found at :

Updated:  21st March 2013


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