Crew Health Advice: Life-Saving Actions for Minor Injuries

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Burns are injuries to the skin which can be caused by several hazards in the workplace such as heat, cold, chemicals, friction, electricity and radiation. 

The severity of burn is graded according to the depth of the injury through this skin - skin changes may take a while to occur in the early stages, and can be difficult to judge hence why it's important to seek help as early as possible. 

The main risks associated with burns include wound site or bloodstream infection, and significant dehydration if affecting a large proportion of your body - both have the potential to lead to death.

The action to take after sustaining a burn - especially in the workplace, is to seek medical help early - no matter how trivial it looks. 

Our full bulletin on life-saving actions for minor injuries is available below for download.

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Liz Baugh, Red Square Medical