Bodily Injury News - Winter 19/20


Bodily Injury News is the bi-annual newsletter of the Thomas Miller Americas' Bodily Injury (BI) Team.

In this issue the BI Team outlines our "Fighting Back" initiative to combat the trend of increasingly higher demands, verdicts and settlements in US bodily injury cases. Also covered are the application of US land-based regulations to ships, privilege issues related to root-cause analysis reports, defending against the "Reptile Theory" in US litigation, and strategies for Members to avoid criminal liability in relation to maritime injuries and deaths. In addition, we provide an update on the availability of punitive damages in US seamen's cases following an important Supreme Court ruling on the issue.

We welcome feedback on the topics we cover in our newsletter and invite you to suggest future topics for both the newsletter and for our Annual Bodily Injury Seminar, to get in touch please email dolores.o'

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