Ask an Expert: BWM - Type Approval with Dr Li Gang from SGS

Ask an Expert BWM - Type Approval with Dr Li Gang from SGS
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Type Approval US Vs IMO, old G8 Vs BWM Code

In the second episode of the UK Club ask an expert series focusing on ballast water the topic of Type Approval US Vs IMO, old G8 Vs BWM Code – Limitations of the Type Approval is examined with Dr Li Gang from SGS.

The International Ballast Water convention limits the allowable concentrations of viable organisms in ballast water discharged from ships. Fundamentally, the Convention has a single objective: to prevent the spread of harmful organisms and pathogens by ballast water and sediments to protect the environment. However, there is only one standard in the Convention to verify that this objective is met. The D-2 performance standard prescribes limits on the type and density of organisms discharged in ballast water.

Topics discussed

In this 2nd episode of our 3 part Ask and expert series, Dr Li Gang talks about:

  • Ballast water management performance standards
  • How consistence and reliability is maintained in the type approval process of the Ballast water management syatems
  • Type approval under IMO and USCG, the differences and similarities between the IMO and USCG type approval process
  • Summary of changes in the revised IMO type approval program
  • Limitations of the type approval process and why commissioning and regular compliance tests are important.

Li Gang is a regional business development manager for SGS Marine Field Services & Monitoring group in the Asia Pacific. He has more than ten years of experience in testing ballast water technology. Li Gang led an operation team between 2011 and 2017 to conduct type approval tests for more than ten ballast water treatment systems as per IMO & USCG regulations.

Li Gang holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Master degree in Environmental Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology.

A Live Webinar

A live webinar on the topic will follow on 5th August 2021 to answer questions from the industry stakeholders. 

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