Ask an Expert: Crane Wire Failure with Kim Chua

Ask an Expert Crane Wire Failure Kim Chua
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In this Ask an Expert video Anuj Velankar, Senior Loss Prevention Advisor at the UK P&I Club is joined by Kim Chua, Chartered Engineer and Metallurgist at Brookes Bell to discuss the dangers and implications of crane wire failure.

During the presentation Kim covers the following topics:

  1. Examples of crane wire failures
  2. Post-incident inspection
  3. Testing
  4. Reference documents for maintenance requirements and discard criteria.

The presentation is followed by a quick Q&A session to where the practical aspects of claims handling in situation where a crane wire parts due to stevedore operation was discussed. Also discussed in the Q&A were the possibility of doing lab testing of wires in remote ports and various other metallurgical issues arising on merchant vessels.

Ask an expert is a series from the UK P&I club where specific issues & claims are discussed in short videos with subject matter experts around the world.

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